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Amitava Bhattacharya
I, Amitava Bhattacharya
Started Film making from 1980 (28 years ago), have worked with many famous Indian and Multinational companies, Public Sector Enterprises and Government Departments. It has made more than 700 films after its establishment, a few among them are listed below.
A Film On Management Development Institute

Management Development Institute Situated in Gurgoan in Delhi NCR is one of the country's top B-School. To make a film for the purpose of a promotional material in the Admission Prospectus.

I planned the film from the name Gurgoan which came from the word GURUGRAM which has existed from the time of Mahabharata, from there the film rolls to the present day scenario. The film has many sound bites of the director as well as HOD of the departments. The film end with sound bites of the companies representative who plans to hire the student's from MDI.
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